Lucrecia Borgia Golden Creek, CZ f 03 (01) female

CH. Zeus Sante d'Orsy, CZ

MCO a 03 22


GIC Jaremmi White Mellow Goliath, CZ

MCO n 09 22


EC SP A'Dejavue Alwaro*PL, DSM

MCO n 09 22

WW/02 EC DK*Sebssco's Daker Devito

MCO d 22

EC K'Star Winner Alwaro*PL

MCO n09 22

IC Cranberry Mountain Mellow Goliath, CZ

MCO f 22

EC Csak's Coon Garfield

MCO d09 23

CH Daisy z Larku, CZ

MCO n 22

GIC Magdala Sun Maine Tresures, CZ

MCO gs 09 22


EC FIN*Chamberlain Zillion Sunrize, JW

MCO ds 09 22


IC FIN*Chamberlain Public Enemy

MCO ns 09 22

IC FIN*Chamberlain Something Wild


GIC Tabbypatch Imagine

MCO g 09 22

GC JW Tabbypatch Mangojerrie

MCO e23

Cancoon Sonora of Tabbypatch

MCO n09 23

Goldie Gilly Hairy Majesty, CZ

MCO f 09


CH Oldmillriver's Casanova/HKV

MCO a 09 22


Lowriders Eastwood

MCO e 09 22


Liitle Big Man of Black Youncon Cats

MCO n09 22

Lowriders Butterfly


Nastasia of Danube River

MCO gs 09

Kimba von Vohburg

MCO d 09 22

Francis of Canadian Spirits

MCO gs

CH Jessica P.Women of Gentle Lions, CZ

MCO d 09 22


GIC Langstteich's Ca'Power Pepper

MCO d 09 22


Langstteich's Calvin

MCO n 09 23

Capecoon's Perdita

MCO f 22

GIC Langstteich's O'Halloween


GIC Guldfakse's Ottawa

MCO n 09 23

Langstteich's L'Mortischa

MCO f22